SATINBOX Collection

Multiple needs for Lingerie storage

6 designs & 3 dimensions


SATINBOX Collection


New concept of luxury boxes to stire your Lingerie, your Stockings and Tights. Perfect for your finest laces, delicate and silky Intimates. 

Give a smooth sensation to your dressing room.



SATINBOX Passion : large box with 3 main rows, more deeper, to store your every day lingerie


SATINBOX Volupté : prestigious box for the best luxury intimates, each of the 4 frames waiting for a bra, a panty, a shorty or Tstring


SATINBOX Glamour : alternate your tights or nylon stockings, or stay-ups in six satin rows 



SATINBOX Corset : special box dedicated to corset (waist cincher, overbust or underbust design, suspenderbelt, clubwear dress, ...)


SATINBOX Showroom : special box to store your bras in a flat position



SATINBOX Mariage : special box for the best day of your life, store your Wedding Lingerie (bra, string and panty, stockings and gartebelt, but also your gloves)